Sales and Marketing of Mobile Telephony Services Regulations Summary


From 16 September 2009, the UK's communications industry regulator Ofcom introduced a regulation in respect of the sales and marketing of mobile telephony services known as General Condition 23. This regulation is intended to prevent the miss-selling of mobile telephony services and sets out the minimum standards to be observed by mobile operators. This document summarises our obligations under General Condition 23 and sets out where you can obtain a copy of this summary or a copy of General Condition 23 itself. Because we only offer prepaid services not all of General Condition 23 applies to us and as a result we do not summarise those obligations that do not affect us.

Our Obligations

When it comes to selling and marketing our mobile telephony services to domestic and small business customers ("Customers"), we must not contact Customers inappropriately, act dishonestly or engage in misleading, deceptive or aggressive conduct. When it comes to people and undertakings that we appoint, or have appointed on our behalf, to sell or market our mobile telephony services directly to Customers, we must make sure that they are aware of General Condition 23, and must make sure that they comply with our obligations. To make sure that they are complying we must monitor them and if they do not comply we must take appropriate action. We are also obliged to publish this summary in an easily accessible and prominent manner on our website and to provide a copy of this summary and/or General Condition 23 free of charge upon reasonable request.

Additional Information

Should you require a copy of this summary or a copy of General Condition 23 you can obtain it electronically from our website at or free of charge from our customer services team by calling 0207 8717 579from your Talk Home Mobile or 579. If you need a copy in an alternative format such as Braille, large print or as an audio version, please contact our customer services team and they will endeavour provide you free of charge with a copy as quickly as they reasonably can.